Saturday: 7.00am - 6.00pm
Sunday: 8.00am - 5.00pm



Public entry $15.00 (Kids under 12 Free) per day

Show participant Prices:
All Prices are per person, per day

Swappers (inc entry/site/camping):               $30

NB: swap site measure 10m x 5m

Swapper Passenger (with Camping):              $20

Show Car - Driver (day entry):                     FREE
Show Car - Driver (with camping):                $10

Show Car - Passenger (day visitor only):       $10
Show Car - Passenger (with camping):          $20


Free Public Parking - No Dogs Allowed

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No camping

Okay, don’t panic – the event hasn’t banned ‘sleep overs’. It’s just that the Jack Daniels Kumeu Classic Car & Hot Rod Festival provides show participants the opportunity to pitch a tent and stay overnight, it’s not a camp site for people who just want to party. By participants they mean swappers, indoor/outdoor car displayers, and trade site holders. And a word of advice – if you’re overnighting and have had a beer don’t go for a cruise around the showgrounds in your car; you can still be charged with drink-driving, and the police will be stopping by.

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Seen that super-rare part for your car and don’t have enough cash?

This year the show has a full EFTPOS cash withdraw facility, located by the tower gate at the admin building end of Route 66.

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  • Access to the venue for swappers and campers will be from Friday only.
    Show promoters Ken and Desma Galvin have made some changes to the festival’s set up times to help set-up run smoothly and to encourage participants to stay on-site until prize-giving on Sunday. Car clubs will be admitted to the grounds Friday morning earliest, however access will be granted on Thursday to mark out areas, but no car club camping permitted Thursday night. Clubs are asked to stay for the duration of the festival, and pack up after prize-giving at 3.30pm on Sunday. Trade and swap sites can set up Thursday, but there is to be no trading (buying or selling) at all on Thursday.
  • Camping is available on site, please don’t abuse the privilege and remember, you are responsible for your teenage family members’ behaviour.
  • No food or drink to be sold from swap sites.
  • Kumeu Classic Car and Hot Rod Show organisers reserve the right to refuse entry to any individual, organisation or business. Police and security can and will issue trespass notices, in the best interests of other participants.
  • No cruising the showgrounds in any vehicles whatsoever please during show hours or after the gates close. This includes bicycles, motorbikes, motorised chilly bins etcetera.

Festival guide in NZ Petrolhead

Visit the NZ Petrolhead stand on Route 66 and pick up your copy of the January issue of NZ Petrolhead, which will feature the final maps, trade stand listings, and a full show programme.

Due to circumstances beyond our control bikes are no longer allowed within the show grounds.  We have set aside a secure area outside the event for bike parking.  This can be located in the community hall parking lot on Access Road.  Thank you for your understanding.

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