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Ken & Desma Galvin                                   email:

PH: 09-412 6318

Fax 09-412 6320

Trade sites

If you have a business and don’t already have your trade site booked, it’s not too late. As you can see on the site map below there are still sites available so when you find the one you want, get on the blower to Ken Galvin at Kumeu Classic Car and Hot Rod Festival and make sure your name goes in that spot. Don’t delay, as these spaces won’t last long.

Phone Ken or Desma Galvin on (09)412-6318, Ken on (0274)751 359.

Finding the Show & Site Maps

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Want a Different Route?

You can avoid some of the Kumeu traffic by taking a left turn (coming from the city) at Taupaki Road, just before reaching Kumeu Village. Turn right into Waitakere Road, then right into Tawa Road, which brings you into the back of the show grounds.

Site Map and Trade Plan...

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 Kumeu Hotrod & Car Show 2017:

Site Company Name                                      Site       Company Name                              
A1  NA   L1  FDA Shipping
A2  LS Supplies   L2 FDA Shipping
A3  Roadrunner Starter   L3  
A4  Rocket Speed Industries   L4  
A5     L5  Colour Me Bodyart
A6  N/A   L6 Graphic Design
A7     L7

 Retro O Rama Market

      L8 Retro O Rama Market
B1  NA   L9  Retro O Rama Market
B2  LS Supplies      
B3 Roadrunner   M1  Bob Armstrong
B4  Rocket Speed   M2  Bob Armstrong
B5     M3  Colin Prouse & M3A
C1  NA   M5   
C2  NA   M6 Kiwi Metal ART
C3  Model Barn Ltd   M7  Retro O Rama Market
C4  N/A   M8  Retro O Rama Market
C5  NA   M9  Retro O Rama Market
C6  Ajays Ford V8 Parts   M10  Beach Buggies
C7  Just Horse N Around      
      N1  Bob Armstrong
D1  NA   N2  Bob Armstrong
D2  NA   N3

Colin Prouse

D3  NA   N4  
D4 N/A   N5  Ning Shop 
D5  NA   N6  
      N7  Retro O Rama Market
E1  NA   N8  Retro O Rama Market
E2  NA   N9  Retro O Rama Market
E3 N/A      
E4  NA   O1  Veronicas Delight
E5 NA   O2  
E6  Horopito Motors   O3  
E7  JD   O4  
F1  NA   O6  Alpine Panelbeaters
F2  NA   O7  Ombro Leather Goods 
F3 N/A   O8  
F4  NA   O9  
F5  NA   O10 Sensium Ltd
G1  West Coast Ford   P1  Diifs R Us / Kimbo
G2 Weat Auck Eng Reco   P2  Kiwiland NZ (Mike Bags)
G3 City Fibreglass   P3  House of Harem
G4  NA   P4  Four Surfers
G5 Kruzin Kustoms   P5  All American Auto
G6  Total Bodyshop Supplies   P6  Veteran & Vintage
      P7  Exploit Fashions 
H1  West Coast Ford   P8  
H2  West Auck Eng Reco   P9 Sunglass Shack
H3  City Fibreglass      
H4 Chucks Auto Restoration Ltd    Q1

Gone Fishing (Kids)

H5 Kruzin Kustoms   Q2  
I1  AFWE   R1  Kids Area
I2  AFWE   R2  Kids Area
I3 NZ Gasket    I3A = Better Auto Rubber      
I4  Kaspa Transmissions   S1  Kids Area
I5  Auckland Transport   S2  Kids Area
I6  Classic Cover Insurance      
  T1  Candy Floss
I8  CFR Line   T2  Fire Depatrment Display
I9  VIP Tent      
      U1  Kiwispan NZ Ltd
J1  AFWE   U2 Kiwispan NZ Ltd 
J2  AFWE   U3  Invecta
J3     U4  East Coast BAy Rods
J4     U5  East Coast Bay Rods
J5     U6  East Coast Bay Rods
J6  19 Black   U7  East Coast Bay Rods
J7  Retro O Rama Market      
J8  Retro O Rama Market   V1  TBA
J9  VIP Tent   V2  Powerslave
      V3  Born in the USA
K1     V4  Nostalgia Blvd
K2     V5  Coffee


  W1  Drag Racing Display
K5A     W2  Drag Racing Display
K5     W3  Drag Racing Display
K6  Macs Equipment   W4  Jack Daniels
K7 Retro O Rama Market      
K8 Retro O Rama Market   X1  Big 3
K9  Retro O Rama Market   X2  Wheels Inc
K10  Route 16 Models   X3  
K10A Alpacca Surri   X4  
MAIN SHED        
Shed 5  Models / Construction Shed   Y1  
Shed 4  Airbrushing   Y2 Colin & Jullianne
Shed 3       Mid West
        Harbour City

 Car Clubs Booked:

              Club Name:                                            
1 Auckland Hot Rod Club
2 Big 3 Car Club
3 Corvette Car Club
4 Harbour City Rod Club
5 Huapai Hot Rod Club
6 Manukau Rod & Custom
7 Mid West
10 Wheels Inc
11 NSRA West Auckland
12 Far North Car Club


14 South City Cruisers
15 Renegade Rod & Custom



Participant Prices:

All prices are per person, per day

Swappers (inc entry/site/camping:               $30

NB: swap site measure 10m x 5m

Swapper Passenger (with Camping):              $20


Show Car - Driver (day entry):                     FREE

Show Car - Driver (with camping):                $10

Show Car - Passenger (with camping):          $20

Show Car - Driver (day visitor only):             FREE

Show Car - Passenger (day visitor only):       $10


Public Admission (Sat/Sun only):                  $15 adult

                                                             Under 12s free

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